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Daily, daily, sing to Mary
Sing my soul, her praises due
All her glorious actions cherish
With the heart's devotion true
Lost in wond'ring contemplation
Be her majesty confessed
Call her mother, call her virgin
Happy mother, Virgin blest.

She is mighty in her pleading
Tender in her loving care
Ever watchful, understanding
All our sorrows she will share
Advocate and loving mother
Mediatrix of all grace
Heaven's blessings she dispenses
On our sinful human race.

All our graces flow through Mary
All then join her praise to sing
Fairest work of all creation
Mother of creation's King
Sing in songs of peace unending
Call upon her lovingly
Seat of wisdom, Gate of heaven
Morning star upon the sea.

"Daily Daily Sing To Mary" is a traditional song.

Here is a video of this song:
Here is a video of this song: